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Our experience building quantitative portfolios and trading cryptocurrencies has uniquely positioned us to provide professionally managed exposure to blockchain related investments. We quantitatively manage cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related equity holdings utilizing proprietary trend following algorithms that we design to participate in market rallies and avoid large sell-offs. Our investment process seeks to improve safety and reduce counterparty risk. We work as a Registered Investment Advisor and serve as a fiduciary to our clients.

Minimum Net Worth: $2.1mm. Minimum Investment: $100K.

No performance guarantees given or implied. Not suitable for all investors. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Not a bank product. You may lose money.

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We believe Trend Following is the only investment approach that allows us to participate in bull markets on the way up, without risking catastrophic losses on the way down. Our quantitative investment process optimizes exposure to asset classes ranging from cryptocurrencies to U.S. equities.

We learned in 2008 that computer-driven algorithms control the direction of the stock market. We use this knowledge to develop rules-based investment portfolios that invest alongside algorithms in rising markets and quickly exit markets when asset price trends change.

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Steve Powaga, Managing Director of AX Momentum & Blockchain Momentum, discusses one of the most important concepts in modern finance; Kelly Criterion.
The benefits of understanding your performance in various strategies using Kelly Criterion to weight your portfolio amongst the strategies will help improve your overall risk.

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